May 8- 11, 2008


Here is a Mini-FAQ

* What’s the point?

Performance Creation Canada (PCC) is a network of whose purpose is to evolve the dialogue about performance creation in Canada. Twice a year there are meetings, which endeavour to meet the need of individuals to make contact, to exchange and to work together.

* Who can come?

Everyone is welcome! Modeled loosely on the successful Informal European Theatre Meeting, PCC is made up of all sorts of people connected to performance including artists, administrators, educators, funding institutions, presenters, agents, archivists and critics from the fields of theatre, dance, performance art, and people who work in music and interdisciplinary art.

* Do I have to be a Member?

There is no membership. PCC is a network. Therefor it defines it’s membership as this:
* a group of individuals who all take responsibility for shared goals.
* a dynamic system for communication, co-operation and partnership.

PCC is not:

* a bureaucracy
* a hierarchy
* a lobby
* a private initiative
* a temporary project
* an association, a federation nor a union
* a closed club

* Where can i find out more about PCC?

Go to their website:

PCC National


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