May 8- 11, 2008


Registration has now moved to the INFORMATION POINT located in the lobby of the Alderney Landing Theatre.

Although Pre-Registration is not mandatory, it does ensure that a chair has your name on it!

Registration for the entire weekend of events is $10 payable at the Registration/Info Point located at the Alderney Landing Theatre.

Here’s what you need to pre-register:

your name
where you will be staying
contact information (email, and a local phone number)

next, email the info to pcchalifax@gmail.com

we will fire you back a confirmation when it has gone through.

you may also want to jump over to the ‘who’s coming’ tab and put your name into the comment box!



  Carol Sinclair wrote @

Is the registration/info point where we pay open now? Open day time hours? Is there a way to pay on line?

  fireinthehole wrote @

good questions- the registration is payable only at the registration/information points. the first one opens on thursday at 5pm. the rest of the time can be seen in the schedule under the title, ‘registration and info point’. registration for the whole weekend is $10 which helps us cover the costs of photocopying, and refreshments. thanks so much. dh.

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