May 8- 11, 2008

Schedule Info


‘We Crossed That Bridge When We Got There’ Opening Party
THURSDAY MAY 8th 20:00- 02:00
Location: Celtic Corner Pub
Description: A welcome reception, and weekend launch with a little Nova Scotian flare!


‘Connecting Points’: Speed Discussions
FRIDAY MAY 9TH 10:30- 12:00
Location: MacAskill’s Waterfront Banquet Room
Animator: Dustin Harvey
Description: A meeting event where participants have a series fast conversations in small groups on an array of related topics.

‘Bridge Mixer’: Info Session
FRIDAY MAY 9TH 13:30- 15:30
Location: The Alderney Landing Rotunda
Description: A series of intimate one-on-one meetings with experts in the fields of performance presentation. This is the chance to meet face-to-face with curators and presenters, and discuss what these decision makers are thinking about, and where they see live art is headed within Canada. The session is also an opportunity to build bridges (and maybe build a tour)!

Participation in this event is only by signing up. Sign up is open Thursday May 8th 5pm- 8pm and Friday May 9th 9am- 10:30am.

Table 1: Ken Cameron: Magnetic North Theatre Festival
The goal of the organization is to promote excellence in Canadian English theatre. Through the Magnetic North Theatre Festival, Canadians are treated to the best of English theatre from across Canada. MNTF gives us the opportunity to share our stories, to interpret our history and our times, and to explore how we see the world. Magnetic North Theatre Festival is an annual must-see cultural event. The artistic vision of the Magnetic North Theatre Festival is one of excellence, inclusiveness and creative development. Dedicated to work on tour, the festival provides a forum for the theatre community to celebrate the quality and diversity of Canadian theatre as never before. It stimulates the independent creative vision of individual artistic directors and pique the interest of audiences from coast to coast. Finally, it is the national stage from which our best theatre speaks to the world about who we are as Canadians.

Table 2: Franco Boni: Theatre Centre
The Theatre Centre is a non-profit organization dedicated to artists and companies engaged in developing new ways of creating theatre. Since 1979, The Theatre Centre has been devoted to new waves of avant garde artists who moved on to success in the mainstream. It was formed by a collective of artists who did not see their work or themselves reflected in the current theatre scene. Together with a flexible space in which these companies could create, rehearse and present new work, The Theatre Centre provided the opportunity for young artists to succeed.The Theatre Centre today is still rooted in its support of innovative performance work and artists.

Table 3: Craig Hall: Rumble Productions: Tremors Festival
A multidisciplinary performing arts organization, the company collaborates with visionary artists from Vancouver and beyond to produce and present for the theatre and other media. Rumble is about possibilities. Our work is about ideas—theme-based and investigative. With our community of audience members and artists, the organization fosters opportunities to explore perspectives on our collective history and responses to the events and institutions that shape our lives.

Table 4: Michael Green: High Performance Rodeo
The High Performance Rodeo, Calgary’s International Festival of the Arts, is dedicated to entertaining as wide an audience as imaginable, while remaining fertile ground for the progressive and the wild. That’s why you will find Gryphon Trio, the 10-Minute Play Festival, spanking new work from Alberta Ballet and the queer hip-hop music theatre smash hit BASH’d side by side on the same playbill.

Table 5: Laura Nanni, Harbourfront Centre
Harbourfront Centre, on Toronto’s waterfront, is an innovative non-profit cultural organization which creates events and activities of excellence that enliven, educate and entertain a diverse public. From its beginnings as “Harbourfront Corporation”, a federal Crown Corporation established in 1972, Harbourfront Centre was formed on January 1, 1991 as a non-profit charitable organization with a mandate to organize and present public events and to operate a 10-acre site encompassing York Quay and John Quay (south of Queens Quay West). Since its inception, Harbourfront Centre has been introducing Toronto audiences to artists and art forms that would not normally be seen in commercial venues, exploring new and bold frontiers in the arts and creative expression. Our Vision: A vibrant home for the culture of our time, inspiring people through the magic of the creative spirit.

Table 6: Chris Lorway: Luminato
From June 6 – 15, 2008, Luminato – Toronto’s Festival of Arts and Creativity took centre stage as the world’s newest international multidisciplinary arts festival. The inaugural festival attracted over one million participants to over 100 events, including 10 world premieres, and 3 Canadian premieres. Luminato’s program encompasses a broad spectrum of creative expression including music, dance, theatre, film, literature, visual arts and lectures.

Table 7: Erika Hennebury: Buddies in Bad Times: Rhubarb Festival
Established in 1979, Buddies in Bad Times Theatre is a Canadian, not-for-profit professional theatre company, dedicated to the promotion of gay, lesbian and queer theatrical expression. During the past 28 years, it has evolved from a small, roaming troupe into the largest queer theatre company in the world. Buddies has made an unparalleled contribution to the acceptance and celebration of queer lives while supporting some of Canada’s most innovative and important cultural artists.

Table 8: Menno Plukker: Agent
Menno is based in St-Albert as well as in Montréal, and represents the following artists and companies (Menno Plukker Theatre Agent Inc.):
Ex Machina – Robert Lepage (Quebec City)
Infrarouge – Marie Brassard (Montréal)
STO Union – Jacob Wren and Nadia Ross (Ottawa)
Necessary Angel Theatre Company – Daniel Brooks (Toronto)
WYRD Productions – Rick Miller (Toronto/Montréal)
Dood Paard (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
The Holy Body Tattoo – Noam Gagnon and Dana Gingras (Vancouver)
Kidd Pivot – Crystal Pite (Vancouver)
Sarah Chase Dance Stories – Sarah Chase (Hornby, B.C.)
The Tiger Lillies (London, England, UK)
Menno is currently involved as a ‘seeker’ (programmer) with LIFT in London, England for their next festival, planned for June 2008.

Table 9: Miriam Ginestier, Studio 303
Mission:Studio 303 promotes the evolution of innovative live artistic practices, through enriching exchanges between a variety of creators, art forms and publics. Studio 303’s unique model provides cutting edge workshops, artist residencies, adapted resources, and an intimate studio laboratory where new works may be created and presented.
Ongoing programming: Studio 303 programmes a dozen dance and interdisciplinary events per year, most of which feature short works by emerging and established artists alike, on a shared programme. In addition, several of our transdisciplinary creation workshops lead to public performances. Occasionally, we present full-length works, and site-specific projects in other venues, mainly with artists with whom we have a long-standing presenting relationship. Recurring events include the Vernissage-danse series (6 times per year), the Edgy Women Festival (March), the Emerging Artist Residency (summer).

Table 10: Kari McQueen: M:ST
The Mountain Standard Time Performative Art Festival Society (M:ST) showcases original, diverse, and innovative performative works. M:ST ensures that the exceptional quality of performative art is recognized and sustained in the Southern Alberta region. M:ST is committed to presenting performative works from a variety of disciplines that reflect current issues and practices in contemporary art. Through exhibitions, performances, and events, M:ST fosters the development of performative art practices among local, national and international artistic communities. M:ST’s role in presenting professional, high quality cultural experiences continues to grow, increasing opportunities for education and critical discourse surrounding contemporary performative practices.

Table 11: Nicole Mion: Springboard Dance
Each season is decided project-by-project with choreographers, performers and support staff chosen on the criteria of each projects’ needs. Springboard Dance and its current 3 Artistic Directors have chosen to concentrate on presenting and producing both national and local work. Yet Springboard’s mandate (like our office space remaining the size of a washroom!) has remained true to its past. Springboard promotes, produces and creates intellectually and sensually stimulating modern, contemporary dance. Springboard Dance is a platform for the creative spirit.

Table 12: Michelle Sereda: Curtain Razors
Curtain Razors, founded in 1989, is a theatre company that embraces innovation, diversity and experimentation in the performing arts to create new Canadian work that is challenging, thought provoking, and relevant. Based in Regina, the company collaborates with artists from Saskatchewan and beyond to produce and present for the theatre. Programming components include development and creation, production, presentation, and short-term residencies.

‘Minding The Gap’ Keynote Address
FRIDAY MAY 9TH 18:00- 19:00
Location: The Alderney Landing Theatre
Keynote Speaker: Jacob Zimmer, Small Wooden Shoe,Toronto ON
Description: A presentation from Jacob Zimmer a Halifax-born Toronto-based artist, who this fall was named one of the top ten theatre artists working in Toronto by NOW magazine. Born and raised in Nova Scotia, Jacob will discuss the challenges he faced bringing his passion and practice together, and the choice to move away.

“Take It To The Bridge’: Cabaret
FRIDAY MAY 9TH 22:00- 24:00
Location: The Alderney Landing Theatre
Curator: Cory Bowles
Description: A cabaret event featuring a variety of local talent including Picnicface, Pink Velvet Burlesque, and a few other surprises.


‘Fiddles, Lighthouses, and The Pogie’: Roundtable w/ Fishcake Breakfast
SATURDAY MAY 10TH 10:30- 12:30
Location: The Alderney Landing Routunda
Moderator/Animator: Sylvia Cloutier
Description: A roundtable discussion about the cultural myths that make up popular Maritime identity. Are there ways that we define ourselves differently from other Canadians? Do other Canadians define us differently from how we see ourselves- ‘Have-nots’ and, cheesy beer commercials included? What makes someone leave the Maritimes? What would bring them back? What is relevant about community, and the importance of exchange within community?

‘Up For Debate’: Brainstorm
SATURDAY MAY 10th 13:30- 15:00
Location: 2nd floor Ballroom Khyber Arts Building
Moderator: Small Wooden Shoe
Description: A meeting event where a lighting quick series of impromptu head to head debates between unsuspecting participants on a dizzying array of topics such as Britney Spears, Rock and Roll, having fun, making mistakes, and Karaoke.


SUNDAY MAY 11th 9:00- 13:00
Description: An open period of time allotted to allow participants to connect and have their own meetings. Check in at the Information Point for the latest suggestions.

‘General Assembly’
SUNDAY MAY 11th 14:00- 17:00
Location: The Busstop Theatre
Moderators: Dustin Harvey, Christian Barry, M:ST
Description: An open meeting event to discuss the outcomes of this, and possible future meetings.

‘Burn That Bridge’ Closing Party
SUNDAY MAY 11th 22:00- 04:00
Location: The Busstop Theatre
Host: Lee-Anne Poole
Description: A gala event to close out the conference.


‘INFORMATION POINT / AFTERNOON MEETING POINT / NIGHT MEETING POINT’ are locations designated for participants to gather socially, and get informed.

‘OFF PCC’ are events and meeting organized by other groups and artists. PCC Halifax will offer opportunities for others to advertise these events. Visit the Information Point.

PCC Halifax is facilitated by theatre practitioners Dustin Harvey, and Christian Barry. We are hosted by Eastern Front Theatre, and generously supported by: Nova Scotia’s Department of Tourism, Culture and Heritage, the Department of Canadian Heritage, and 2b theatre company.


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