May 8- 11, 2008

Who’s Coming…

Are you making the trip to Halifax? Let us know, and we will keep a list. Who knows maybe you see someone you want to meet up with… The list is by no means the confirmed list, only an indication.

>>pre registered (as of may 03)
Julia Ainsworth
Michael Green
Blake Brooker
Garry Williams
Monetta James
Kari McQueen
Amos Latteier
Carol Sinclair
Adam Bayne
Jessie MacLean
Catherine MacKeigan
Laura Nanni
Asna Adami
Alex McLean
Elinor Crosby
Andrea Ritchie
Stewert Legere
Claire Gallant
Mary Vingoe
Susan Leblanc-Crawford

>>’Bridge Mixer’ presenter/ festival curators
Ken Cameron, Magnetic North
Franco Boni, Theatre Center
Craig Hall, Rumble
Michael Green, OYR
Tina Rasmussen, Harbourfront
Chris Lorway, Luminato
Ericka Hennebury, Rhubarb
Menno Plukker, agent
Miriam Ginestier, studio 303
Kari McQueen, M:ST
Nicole Mion, springborad dance
Michelle Sereda, Curtain Razors

>>keynote speaker
Jacob zimmer

>>’Up for Debate’
Ame Henderson

Jackie Torrens

>>Event Blogger
Tara Thorne

Organizing Team:
Cory Bowles
Dustin Harvey
Christian Barry
Louisa Adamson
Alexis Milligan
Lee-Anne Poole
Denyse Karn



  Erika Hennebury wrote @

can’t wait!
home sweet home

  Jacob Zimmer wrote @

Oh yes.

  Christie Watson wrote @

i’ll be in the east in may, this could be possible.

  Laura Nanni wrote @

booking the ticket now đŸ™‚

  Cory Bowles wrote @

wjb hgets jd7qm

  Julia Ainsworth wrote @

Looking forward to visiting Halifax for the first time and meeting new artists from across Canada. Now for the practicalities…is anyone travelling from Montreal or Toronto that would be interested in Car Pooling? I’m in Montreal and looking for a lift.

  Kari McQueen wrote @

See you soon!

  Steven Bourque wrote @

I love walking bridges…

  Cat MacKeigan wrote @

Count me in!

  Craig Hall wrote @

See you then!

  Natasha Maclellan wrote @

Yay I get to ferry today! I love the ferry. LOVE the ferry.

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